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Sarah nervously reviewed the instructions that Megan had written for her on the back of a restaurant napkin. Hit enter, wait for the screen to load, then make up a chat room handle, type it in, then hit connect me, and you're in! A live sex chat room! I must be out of my mind, thought Sarah! How did she ever let Megan talk her into this?!? Well,no harm in just sitting in, I don't have to talk! As she focused her eyes on the screen, she could see at least five people trying to contact her under her chat room handle, newgirl. Too unsure of herself to jump in, she decided to just observe for a while, and see how the thing worked. While the conversation was sexy, it seemed that everyone kept the tone light, and not in the least bit vulgar. After about ten minutes, Sarah saw a message on the screen, newgirl, want to chat? Sarah hesitated a second, hit private, and then type, Sure, bigirl, let's chat! From bg, How old are U I'm 28. From ng, I'm 31 and from Chicago, where are you from? From bg, Dallas, Texas. I'm 5'6, 125 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 34c-25-36. And U? From ng, I'm 5'7, 38d-27-37, 135 lbs, and brunette. From bg, Mmmmmm, sound very nice, are you married? From ng, Nope, never have been. Haven't been with a man in over two years. What about you, married? From bg, Yeah, for five years. Nice guy. From ng, Does he know that you?re bi? From bg, He knows that I had a relationship in college, but not about now! Do you have a girl friend? From ng, A semi permanent one, we have separate apartments, but see each other almost everyday. By now Sarah was getting into the swing of things. This isn't so hard after all, she thought, as she contemplated her next question. From ng, What about you, got a g-friend? From bg, I wish, only dream about it! You're lucky you have one! What's she like? From ng, She's tall, slim, and blonde, she's got a model's body. Nice and lean, looks good in anything! I'm so jealous of her! From bg, Mmmm, she sounds very nice! Do you live together? From ng, No, we have separate apartments, but we seem to always stay together in one or the other. Nice to have some space tho! From bg, Yeah, sometimes ya need to be by yourself. By the way, what are you wearing? From ng, A terry cloth robe. And U? From bg, A long men's tee shirt and panties. A white thong. Do you go braless much? From ng, Just around the apartment, my friend loves to see me jiggle! What about you? From bg, Yeah, quite a bit, my hubby loves to see me in a tight tee shirt, my nipples show thru. You have such a big chest, does your girl friend touch them much? From ng, All the time! She can't keep her hands off of them! She's always grabbing and touching them. She's a real tit lover! From bg, I would be too if I was around those two monsters! Does she suck them a lot? From ng, When ever she can! She's insatiable! Is your husband a good fuck? From bg, Very! He loves sex, so we have it almost every day! From ng, Do you suck him off? from bg, Of course, silly! He loves to cum in my mouth, and he returns the favor! From ng, Is he big? From bg, He's about six feet tall and 195lbs. From ng, Not his body, his cock!!!! From bg, Ohhhhh, yes he is, about eight inches long and very thick. He really fills me up! From ng I just love being naked around other women, don't you? From bg, God yes, at the gym, I love looking at the naked bodies. Surreptitiously of course! Saw a young one the other day that must have been 38dd, almost creamed right there! From ng, It's nice having a girl around, my friend has an unbelievable pussy! Fine thin blonde hair, but real puffy lips! Here clit sticks out when she is turned on! {Most of the time!!!!} I just love to go down on her and slide my tongue up and down her crack! From bg, Mmmmmm, sounds so yummy, does she return the favor? From ng, Yeah, she does! Good at it too! A real cunt lapper! Are you trying to find a girlfriend? From bg, Well, it's not too easy. I don't really know anyone. From ng, Try a les bar, I know a girl who went into one up here in Chicago, and within an hour she was having her pussy eaten in the john!!! From bg, Wow!! Unreal!! I don't know if I could do that! Maybe to just meet someone tho...... From ng, Yeah, that's the idea, go in with the plan just to make a contact or two. Who knows where it will lead to!?! From bg, Is your friend there now? From ng, No, she's out of town for a few days. Be home day after tomorrow. From bg, What do you usually do with her? From ng, You mean in bed? From bg, Yeah. From ng, All the usual stuff, you know, tit sucking, pussy eating, fingering, etc. We do one other thing a little out of the ordinary. From bg, Tell me!!! From ng, Well, we have a large strapon cock we take turns using on each other! It's ten inches long and very thick! From bg, Jesus, that's huge! Do you really fuck each other with it!?! From ng, Oh yeah, it's unbelievable!!! My friend has a very small tight pussy, when I put that monster against her hole, you should see her face! She doesn't want it, cuz it's so big, but she can't help herself, and begs me to put it in her! From bg, I'm getting very wet! Does she cum hard? From ng, She always cums when it finally pokes into her! I go slow so not to hurt her. After I get started, she begs for me to bury it! I love seeing that big cock stretch that little slit! She is such a cock hound for me!!! From bg, God, you two are so hot! Are you touching yourself yet?!? From ng, A long time ago, hon! My nipples are hard and my slit is sopping wet! What about U? From bg, I'm really close! Thinking about that big cock in that little pussy..... From ng, You got to get a girl! You need it bad, I can tell! From bg, I hope to, I need a girl to put her mouth on my cunt!! Oh god, oh god...... From ng, You sound so slutty!!! You naughty girl!!! Can't keep your hands off your pussy!!!! From bg, You're driving me wild, I can't hold back much longer. .....cunt starting to shudder!!! From ng, Trying to type with one hand! Cunt slick as butter. Chair getting sopped! Cunt losing control!!!! From bg, I'm going over the edge! Cumminggggggg!! From ng, Me tooo!! Cunt exploding!!! Can't hold back!! It's over!!!! From bg, Wow!! I am wrecked!! You are so hot!! From ng, You too, honey! Never thought I could cum that hard without my friend! From bg, Hope we can get together again sometime! From ng, Yeah, me too! Seeya! From bg, So long! bigirl has logged off. newgirl has logged off.

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    So why there are Men, Women and Married personals, and also spark love personals for those who do like to wait and believe that there exists love at first glance. Men and women take a different approach to finding their match. Women post an on a women personals site ad and receive responses. And they receive much more responses than men do. As a result, with the time women spend viewing the ads of the men that e-mail them and responding to those that they find interesting, there is no time and no need for them to search the men personals ads. Surely, women do scroll through the men personals sites, but they do that not as often as men scroll though women personals sites. Men are hunters by nature. The Internet changes nothing, that is just another field to expand and develop their hunting skills. Ití still man chase women. Men cruise the ads on women personals sites more frequently than women search through men personals sites. Men write to the women they find interesting but do not just await a response. They may date several women at once, with each woman dated sure that she is the only one. Woman appear more honest. Married personals is another matter. A married person canít openly search the internet to find their real perfect match. First of all he doesnít want his/her spouse to know about that. But there might be another reason why a person is searching through a married personals site and not through any other one. A person cruising though a married personals site may be confident that only a men/woman who is married (but is not satisfied with the marriage and wants do divorce) or has been married realizes and clearly understands what marriage is, that he wont look for an adventure but for a solid relationship. There can be another motive to. A man/woman is hunting for an adventure on the side and wants to be engaged to a married person of the kind in order to end the relation when necessary without any claims or pretensions from him because he has a family, has satisfied his desire for love affairs and for the mean time wants only his/her wife/husband. Imagine how much more enjoyment you would get out of life if you knew why so many relationships don't last and what you could do to turn ordinary dating into romantic satisfaction. The ability to be successful in a long term relationship is what separates the guys who have exciting lives and beautiful girlfriends from the guys who wonder why they're always starting over. The amazing thing is that with the right actions anyone can learn to be romantically successful. There is such a thing as spark love. You see the person and realize that he/she is the only one you needed, that all your previous love affairs were not an issue for concern. The spark the run between you has tied you for ever (if you do not spoil thing of course, what is very easy). Many people do not believe in spark love. They are not romantic. They are either realists or pessimists. They are too pragmatic. Catch you love by the tail, garb it and do not let go. Many say that spark love will disappear as soon as it emerged. That it will lead to nowhere as it appeared from nowhere. Spark love is baseless Many think so. Especially, lonely old hags. Do not believe them, they are just enviable. People say that spark love is typical of teenagers who dot yet really know what love is. By the way, do adults know for sure? Any love, spark or the one that came after a rather long relationship, should be cherished and protected. Nothing happens by itself, you should take care of a such tenuous relationship as love. Search Quick


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